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e-learning Introduction: designing a career development plan
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For whom: Early stage researchers who take their career development seriously 

Description: This e-learning, shows the benefits of designing a personal career development plan for academics. Through a combination of theoretical insights, video's and practical examples, participants will learn how to design their own career development plan. Guided by our PhD student Bob and postdoctoral researcher Tania, it provides practical examples on planning for a career in or beyond academia. By the end of the e-learning, participants will be able to take their career development to the next level. 

What’s included: 

  • 1 month access to the selected e-learning module (link provided within 1 working day) 
  • Access code to Academic Career Skills Assessment for all workshop participants 
  • Participants receive their Skills Weaving Assessment Report upon completing the assessment  
  • Access to the Skills Weaving Community 

Important note: All the items in the webshop that need planning a date will require contact with the Skills Weaving Team first. Buying these items in the webshop do not give any rights on a date or time on its own.




Academic Career Skills Assessment - Package deals 

Price: On request 

For whom: Institutions, Group Leaders, Research Consortia & Networks, Graduate Schools, etc. 


For those who want to empower their (junior) academic staff, Skills Weaving offers customized package deals for multiple users (starting at >5 users). You will receive a unique access code that provides a defined number of users with access to the Academic Career Skills Assessment. Upon completing the Assessment, each user receives a personal Assessment Report, as well as access to the Skills Weaving Community. Optionally, we can provide the Skills Weaving Webinar “Designing a Personal Career Development Plan”. 

  • Access code to Academic Career Skills Assessment for pre-defined number of users 

  • Users receive their Skills Weaving Assessment Report upon completing the assessment 

  • Users get access to the Skills Weaving Community 

  • Optional: Webinar “Designing a Career Development Plan” 


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