Skills Weaving offers free and paid webinars on a regular basis. 

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Designing a career development plan

For who:

PhD students & postdoctoral researchers


In this 1-hour Webinar, we will show the benefits of designing a personal career development plan for academics. For PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, setting clear intermediate and long-term goals and designing a structured approach to achieve them will prove invaluable for the future career, be it within or beyond academia.

Through a combination of theoretical insights and practical examples, participants will be introduced to the basics of designing their own career development plan. Guided by our PhD student Bob and postdoctoral researcher Tania, we will provide practical examples on planning for a career in industry or academia. Moreover, we will show how the Skills Weaving - Academic Skills Assessment can support you in getting most out of your early academic career stages. By the end of the Webinar, participants will be able to take their career development to the next level.



  • A 1-hour Webinar on how to design a Career Development Plan
  • Access to the Skills Weaving Community
  • Free Livestream without additional logins on our website


Price: Free

Designing a personal career development plan
(SNSF Ambizione & Postdoctoral Fellowship edition)


For who:

Applicants to the SNSF Ambizione 2022 grant


In this webinar, we will illustrate how you can use the Skills Weaving Assessment to design a 1-page personal career development plan, specifically in the context of the upcoming SNSF Ambizione calls. Participants can  take the assessment in advance of the webinar. After a basic introduction to Skills Weaving, we will present a structured approach for writing a 1-page career development plan for the SNSF Ambizione grant. During a Q&A session, the Skills Weaving team will address your questions related to the topic.  



  • Single-use access code for Academic Career Skills Assessment  

  • The personalized assessment report  

  • 1 hour webinar “Designing a personal career development plan”  

  • Access to the Skills Weaving Community  

  • Taking the assessment is easy and takes about 15 minutes. You will receive your personalized report within a working day by mail.  


Price: 95 EUR



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